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This weekend @ Mojo Gallery



Next week at the French Institute…

Next week at the French Institute...

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Dutch architect & designer Tom Postma exhibiting @ The Swedenhouse

Dutch architect & designer Tom Postma exhibiting @ The Swedenhouse

Review: Sudan’s Cultural Heritage and Museums Festival

It’s been a vibrant week at Sudan’s Cultural Heritage and Museums Festival, hosted by the British Council at Sudan’s National Museum.

An exhibition on Sudan’s national culture and heritage presented a mixture of local Sudanese art, including work by Ibrahim Salahi and Hussein Mirghani, and black and white and colour photography portraying various regions such as the historic port town of Suakin.


Highlights of the programme were the lectures by Sudanese and guest archaeologists and documentaries produced by the Goethe Institute’s Sudan Film Factory Project.

The evenings were rounded off by musical performances from Sudanese band, local reggae as well as music from South Kordofan. On closing night, British reggae band ‘The Resonators’ delivered an energetic show with their unique brand of dub reggae.


The ancient Nubian Kingdom



Nusr Eldouma @ Dabanga Art Gallery


If you’re in need of a bit of artistic inspiration this week, we’d recommend you stop by Sudanese painter and illustrator Nusr Eldouma’s exhibition which has just opened at Dabanga Gallery on Al Jezira St in Khartoum 2.

Eldouma’s work uses mixed media to celebrate the diversity of the Sudanese people. While his subjects are traditional, he captures them through an experimental use of colour and style.

Give your eyes a feast!





Celebrating Sudanese Culture next week at Sudan’s National Museum!


It’s definitely worth heading to Port Sudan next week…


Don’t miss your chance to sign up for SIFF opening night!


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